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About Kate Rose

Certified Energy Healer * Akashic Records * Reiki Master * Past Life Regression * Angel Healing * Toxin Consultant, Eczema Focus

As an Intuitive Transformational Coach, I work with my spiritual team to help people create a beautiful life of abundance, health, joy, and inner peace. I combine Energy Healing with my long-held passions for fitness, nutrition, and holistic living to provide clients with a comprehensive and practical approach that encompasses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. My ability to tune into a person's needs ensures my consultations are in-depth and empowering. I believe we are all limitless and can achieve the life we desire.

I am passionate about children's health and specialize in helping parents and caregivers create a healthy environment for their children and release the burdens that cause and contribute to chronic illness.



Originally from Australia, I am a Chartered Accountant and Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia. I spent many years working in taxation, accounting and corporate finance for professional firms and private businesses. My interest in holistic health and healing started in my 20’s when I began seeing a naturopath to help me with my asthma, hives, gut and liver issues, as I hoped to one day quit all my medication for these conditions. My husband and I then moved to Miami, Florida in 2010 and I continued my healing journey with a Functional Medicine Physician. I was a dedicated patient of hers for about 8 years and over that time, I learnt a lot about healing my body with the right foods, whole food supplements and reducing toxins through my consultations and my own research. I healed to the point of stopping all of my medication without any complications.


My husband and I have two young boys, both of whom suffered from eczema from the age of 6 weeks. Our youngest son had severe eczema. Through extensive research, determination and intuition, we were able to help him heal and enjoy a normal childhood. You can read our full story here.


Our experience with severe eczema also activated my spiritual awakening. Ever since I was a young girl, I believed in past lives, spirits, angels and psychic abilities. I always had an innate sense of knowing this was real, as well as many experiences throughout life which offered proof. However, it was not until I asked the Universe for help with healing my son that I began to develop a relationship with my spiritual team. I started to educate myself consciousness, and psychic and mediumship skills as I worked on developing my abilities and becoming more aware. This eventually lead me to become a Certified Energy Healer through Lila Lotus. Developing a relationship with my spiritual team and including energy healing techniques into my day completely changed my health, well-being and outlook on life.

I have traveled extensively across the world and recently undertook a year-long road trip with my husband and two boys around the USA. Not only was this a wonderful way to see the country, it also opened my eyes to the reasons why people are struggling with multiple health issues and the challenges they face. I am an avid proponent of regenerative agriculture and small organic farmers, and have visited many farms over the years including White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia and Millers Organic Farm, a traditional Amish Farm in Pennsylvania.

I decided to start Kate Rose Wellness, seeking an opportunity to help others on their wellness journey.

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